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Who I work with

You are not a diagnosis. 


I believe that as human beings, every one of us would benefit from counseling or coaching at some point.

I journey with my clients to create lasting change and lives lived fully awake. 

Therapy is not something I do to you; it is something we do together as a team.


My practice is unique due to the specialty work I do. I work with high-functioning motivated individuals. I find that the clients who benefit most from our work are the ones who want a therapist committed to their healing and well-being and also want a therapy who knows that life is messy and complicated. My clients come from all over Kentucky and I provide consultation and coaching to others across the country on LGBTQ+ concerns, non-monogamy, and polyamory.


My clients describe themselves as the driven perfectionists learning to find balance, the professionals who want to advance and getting exhausted, and the creative types, entrepreneurs, and leaders of Kentucky.  


Our clients are the people unable able to settle for a "run of the mill" life but need to find a balance so they can heal and thrive. 

We work with a range of emotional concerns but work best with clients who are self-reflective, have an open mind for feedback and for change. If you believe there is always room for growth we could be a good fit for you.  Our clients come in for a particular change and stick around to continue their growth. 


I am a passionate, lively, and deeply empathic therapist. I commit ourselves to this work so my clients can grow.  I believe therapy is an art form and a science.  I bring creativity and the best evidenced-based practice to serve my clients in every session.


I commit my best work to every session and I know how to laugh. 

I typically work with clients on the 

 the following THINGS

Anxiety, Stress, Panic

Short and longer-term Depression and Sadness

Perfectionism, Self-Critique, Low Self-Image

Identity, Relationships, Sex Concerns, Sexuality, and Gender,

BDSM, Kink, CNM, and Polyamory

Problems from Childhood and Family

Traumatic Experiences

Stress Unique to Being a Leader, Executive, or the Creative Type

Adjustments to New Stages of Life and Young Adults

People who are looking to take themselves to the next level or Get Unstuck

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