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LGBTQ* Counseling Support

Expertise and Experience

Are you an LGBTQ* person looking for a therapist who is part of the community and understands your perspective?


If you are looking for a therapist who is affirming and has expertise working with the LGBTQ* community you are in the right place.

We work with LGBTQ* people on a variety of concerns including anxiety, depression, intimacy problems, trauma, and life transitions.


You are in the right place

Dr. David Pascale Hague

There are aspects of my practice that I would like all my clients and others who are interested in working with me to know from the first moment you consider my services.


I am an affirming and inclusive Psychologist.

I honor and affirm sexual and gender identity in all forms.

I affirm and honor relationships in all forms. 


My career has focused on the lives and experiences of LGBTQ* people. I carry that dedication into my work with each and every client I meet and in each professional presentation, I provide in the community.  


This dedication and specialization can be seen in my published research,  my national and local presentations, and my involvement in the Lexington community.  


I believe each of us is comprised of many intersecting and overlapping identities.  We are ethnic, religious, gendered, and sexual beings.  Within my work with clients, I believe each of these identities may be important to explore.


Each of these identities will not be key for every client and that is ok too!


I work with clients regarding many different concerns.  My aim is that each of my clients will feel more empowered to explore aspects of themselves which may be stigmatized or misunderstood by others so they can embrace fulfilling lives.


I would love to speak with you more if you have questions about my work.

Feel free to call or email.



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