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Introducing Our New Business Plans

Employee Counseling Support Program


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Small businesses are built through dedication and love. Our employees are our most vital business resource. As managers, owners, and investors we aim to support our staff and employees in every way possible.  


Owners and managers are also the ones employees turn to when they need to talk, seek support, and get advice.  Our businesses thrive when our employees are supported and emotionally well.


Being in small business often limits our ability to support our employees with comprehensive health care services.  Even companies that do offer health care as an employee benefit find that their employees struggle to find an “in-network” therapist or a counselor who is a good fit for their needs.  Waiting times may be weeks long for in-network providers. 


Employee Counseling Support Program Directly Helps the Health of Your Business!


Our custom Employee Counseling Support Program allows businesses to offer mental health support as an employer paid benefit.  The program assists employees who are in need or short term therapy, consultation on mental health issues, coaching for work and life concerns, and assistance with referrals to additional services that may be necessary.   


Our program can provide: 

  • Same-day consultations with a mental health provider for registered employees

  • Prepaid mental health sessions available through in-person, telehealth, and phone based support.

  • Options for employees to add coverage for partners and spouses and additional hours of support to their accounts.


Employer costs are based on the number of employees registered and the quantity of services employees are eligible to receive through the program.


Example Costs (Please contact us directly to discuss specific options and costs.)


A basic package of employee benefits includes up to 3 hours of services per employee per month.  In a standard basic package, rates begin at $270 per employee per month. 


Hours are non-transferable between employees and  purchased hours are valid for 30 days. Unused hours are non-refundable. Other terms apply and are discussed in more detail before registration in the program.

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